About Us

Our website address is: https://myfreecalendars.com

The site was created in 2021 by Gustavo and Erika, with the goal of offering our users a free online calendar with national holidays and main celebrations in the United States of America.

Use of content

All our calendars are generated online and updated whenever you visit them. When we present specific information about a certain date, our goal is to introduce our reader to the subject, briefly presenting the most important information regarding the date. If you want to go further, there is a vast amount of material available on the internet to be discovered.

We make no warranty whatsoever regarding the use of our content, and any risk related to this use is assumed by the user. All information is displayed on our pages for informational purposes only. None should be considered official, complete or up-to-date. Nor should it be used for medical, legal, financial or any other professional purposes.

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In order to keep myfreecalendars.com independent and free, some sections in our pages can be used for online advertising.

This is the only way we can provide good and quality content without costs to our visitors. Page sections for advertising are always identified, separated from the content of our authorship and in accordance with our privacy policy.