Privacy Policy

When you browse this website, our backend system may collect some information from your browser such as your IP address, the pages you visited on, your browser type and the time of visit – this information is stored in a log file. This is a standard procedure for most of backend websites systems. We are obliged to keep this info temporarily for the system to work properly, and also for legal and security purposes.

This information is automatically deleted from time to time. We do not use it for commercial purposes, nor do we share it with other companies.

Because is an informational site only, there is no field for comments in our online pages. For this reason, we do not collect or store your name or email in our system.

Cookie Policy

When you browse the internet, some personal information as well as the address of the websites you visited can be collected and stored in files called cookies.

Cookies can be used, for example, by Google to serve ads that it considers most interesting to you.

This process, when it happens, is done by your own browser. We are not responsible for the collection and registration of this information, since it is done on your own device (your cell phone, your iPad, your computer, etc) and according to your settings. You can delete it yourself if you wish, just check your browser settings.

Third-Party Services

Some information that we bring to you may be provided by third parties. These companies can also collect and store personal information about you. We do not control or have have access to any of this, and all responsibility for the collection and use os this information lies with these companies, each one having their own liability policies.

Please find below a short list of companies that you may find when you browse our site: